Social Anxiety

Do you suffer from Social Anxiety? How do you deal with it?

Social Anxiety is crippling, it mocks our very existence. It prevents us from being our truest self and enables us to live in fear.

Social Anxiety stems from the pressure we place on ourselves to fit into a society that pedals and pushes the importance of looking a certain way and acting a certain way. I would like to hope what is deemed popular social media is on the decline. Media is a great tool when used to spread helpful information and true stories however it’s important to ask when did we give away out rights to our lives, to our privacy?

What is more important than teaching one another greatness? Never underestimate the power of helping others to rise – so they too can pass on greatness. Love to those who are already spreading light in such dark times, we must do more.

As human beings we must make it clear to one another that we can speak to one another, we don’t have to ignore one another. Practice and relearn kindness, be nice and if someone isn’t nice back that’s their lesson to learn and they will eventually but that too is of none of your concern.

Social Anxiety prevents you from feeling comfortable in your own skin and prevents you from openly witnessing others feeling comfortable in theirs.

Social Anxiety drives hatred of self. Therefore,

1) NOTICE IT – pay attention to your feelings, remind yourself to stay calm and know that you can push through.

2) CATCH IT – Did you attempt to say something negative about someone or yourself, catch it before you let it out and remind yourself, that isn’t how you really feel.

3) PRAISE YOURSELF – Every time you notice it. Every time you catch it, you must praise yourself. Well done!

If you are already here, then you are already interested in partaking in your own healing. That’s fantastic! There is much more work to be done and know you can withstand the pressure as long as you believe in yourself.

Sending light and love, Always xx

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