How Do You Feel Today?

Have You Checked In Yet?

Are You Running On Autopilot?

It’s Important To Take The Time To Empower Yourself.

You Deserve Self Empowerment.

What Are You Going To Do Today That Is Different From What You Done Yesterday?

How Are You Empowering Yourself?

What Are You Standing Up For? (IV HENAKU http://chng.it/G9RQJnFB )

What Are You Tolerating?

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop Being Scared Of Who You Are and Just Be Who You Are!

What You Possess, To Give To The World, Is Needed.

Empowerment Is Ownership Of Self, Ownership Of Your Choices, Taking Responsibility For The Choices You Make, Fully Prepared For The Consequences They Create, Fully Prepared To Make Room In Your Life For What You’ve Asked For. Preparing Your Self To Do The Inner Work Required To Grow, To Achieve, To Feel Empowered.

Do You Know How Important You Are?

You Are Far Too Important To Be Roaming This Earth Without Purpose, Without Hope.

Dig Deep.

Remind Yourself Of Who You Truly Are.

Drop The Façade.

Let Go Of The Destructive Tools You’ve Used To Navigate Your Way Through Life Which You Learnt Through Trying Circumstances In Your Childhood. These Tools That Cause You Harm, Coping Mechanism That Are Out Dated, Prevent Your Growth And Push You Further Away From Self Elevation.

Self Empowerment Is Liberation.

There’s A Magic In Knowing Who You Are And Releasing Yourself From Clinging To Society And Other People’s Opinions Of Who You Should Be Is A Reward.

Solitude Invokes Self Empowerment.

Today I Ask You To Be Brave, Do One Thing Differently Than Yesterday, Pay Yourself That Compliment, Don’t Eat That Which You Know Poisons The Body, Catch Your Internal Narrative When You Are In A Cycle Of Self Loathing, Be Wild And Offer Yourself Forgiveness, Offer Yourself Kindness.

Take A Leap In The Right Direction, Peacefully Let Go Of What and Who No Longer Aligns With Your Path. Send People Light And Love Whenever They Show Up In Your Thoughts And Cling To Nothing.

Remember, If Today Is The Only Day You Have, As Tomorrow Is Promised To No One, Then How Will You Ensure Today Is The Best Day Of You Life?

Self Work Takes Rigorous Commitment And Time, Weeks, Months, Years But The Sooner You Start The Sooner You Open Yourself To Greater Opportunities. A Greater Version of Yourself Is Available With The Continuous Practice Of Self Love.

And Let Me Be Clear, Practising Self Love Is Hard. Delving Into The Depths Of Self Is Hard. It Takes Mountains Of Continuous Effort, Relapse After Relapse In Behaviour But This Is All Apart Of Growth, The Most Important And Worthwhile Investment In This Life Is You And Your Development And Giving Up Is Not An Option When You Truly Love Yourself.

Answer Your Callings, Stop Living In Fear And Refrain From Calling Fear Into Your Life.

Develop Your Self Awareness. We Do Not Always Catch Our Actions Or Incorrect Behaviours Whilst Committing Deeds But We Always Feel. Contrary To What We Have Been Incorrectly Told, We Are Beings Who Bear Great Feeling. Feelings Are Important Navigational Tools In This World. I Implore You To Start Paying Attention To Your Feelings In Every Moment And Watch Your Life Shift.

Any Gift That We Have That We Use To Take Something From Another, To Hurt Another, Is A Wasted Gift.

Spread Love Because You Are Love.

Spread Love Because The World Is In Desperate Need Of Love.

And Above All Love Yourself!

No One Has More Power Over You Than You.

YOU CHOOSE To Be In Control Or YOU CHOOSE To Be Out Of Control. CHOOSE wisely.

In Every Second, Every Hour, Every Moment You Have A Choice. Remember That. Make The Right One.

Choose Self Love Because Self Love Assists With Self Empowerment

Sending You Light And Love, ALWAYS x

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