Life Flow

And the beauty of life…

We spend our time wishing away the more trying moments of our journey, obsessed with when we can finally have a sense of clarity; failing to acknowledge why we couldn’t just land in the right place immediately. How fortunate when in tune, we get to have an understanding that we are always in the right place even when we don’t make the right choices, so if our route is difficult we understand there’s a reason, there are many lessons to be learnt and much growth to be gained.

So slow down – grow through what you go through and I know it may not make much sense someone telling you right now, just surrender to where you’re at good or bad but know everything is working in your favour, especially if you’re facing any kind of loss.

We have been so programmed to experience loss in a specific way, I’m speaking of loss in any and every way that you define loss but we really must get in tune and start knowing what loss could possibly mean in a positive light. Loss can act as a reminder of the fragility of life; or that important change is necessary; not everyone gets to grow with you and holding onto something during your development causes more harm than good.

I had a realisation this afternoon after all my annoyances and frustrations, I looked around and in a moment of annoyance, I thought why couldn’t I have recognised what I’ve recognised now in this moment; why couldn’t it have been this way or couldn’t I have seen it this way during my recent struggles…

And the beauty of it is, that it isn’t perfect, and who wants perfect anyway as we all know perfect is a lie, but it was a powerful moment of recognition because that’s when I had the light bulb moment; it couldn’t be this nor could I see it this way because I had to face my trials and tribulations to get to this level of clarity, to understand and appreciate this moment; to cherish it; to be immensely greatful for it. And there’s much happening that I do not have the answers for but in this moment I am greatful and willing to surrender to life’s flow.

One of SELFLOVELOVESELF365’S motto’s is:

Comparison Is The Death Of Self

No one has your Life Flow and the sooner you acknowledge and accept this the sooner you can honour your existence.

Own your magnificence.

 Walk with your head held high.

Be free, be who you’re supposed to be and lovingly learn to accept all aspects of yourself. The parts you hide bring them to light, characteristics you possess stop hiding them – they need love too!

The more you shy away from owning yourself fully, the more you walk through life with closed doors.

Real, Self Acceptance is apart of Life’s Flow. If you are unaccepting of yourself then you are running anti clockwise – against your life’s flow.

Love Yourself Queen!

Love Yourself King!

Walk boldly with your head high through all that you go through, validating your worth by yourself, for yourself.

Grow through the dark, lonely moments.

Embrace and enjoy the amazing one’s and never forget to honour balance.

Get in tune with you, learn the sacredness of putting you first. The rhetoric is that the act of Self Love is selfish and that’s foolish. What’s selfish and harmful towards self, is overexerting yourself on an outward level, neglecting Self Nurturing; expecting someone to give you something back in return; expecting others to fill you with love without ever truly loving yourself.    

If you treat yourself to your best standard there will be no room for low vibrators to devour your energy, others will rise to your occasion or you’ll draw what meets your vibe to you whilst also developing a greater awareness for what isn’t for you, what doesn’t resonate with who you are..

How are you embracing your Life’s Flow?

What’s your current mind flow?

Self Love is a practice and all aspects of Self need tending so you mustn’t be deluded in thinking you can get away with focusing solely on one area and neglect others. For example, if you are practicing nurturing your thoughts, from negative to positive, but neglecting how you fuel your body your practice may have a short term effect and overall you’re being counterproductive if you later do not address your lifestyle, eating habits and environment.

Do start working on one thing at a time, Self Love requires serious dedication and determination, but understand all aspects of Self that show up as red flags for you must be addressed.

That’s how you continuously progress.

There will be times when you want to give up, when the hard work takes it’s toll but remember you’re worth the hard work. This is a lesson. A question of: how bad do you truly wish to grow?

Make a positive decision and run at it.

Setbacks happen. Relapses of behaviour will happen and that’s ok. Always practice Self Kindness.

I pray you allow the flow of life to guide you.

I pray you recognise ‘Aha’ moments and can observe and understand any reasoning between then and now and even if you cannot, practice the art of letting go. There will not always be valid justification or closure, so let go and let flow.

When you are open to Life’s Flow, you are on path of continuous growth.

Caterpillar to Butterfly. Death and rebirth.

We Rise In Power!

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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