A New Moon Prayer For Children

Audio Version: https://anchor.fm/ldlore/episodes/A-New-Moon-Prayer-For-Children-efovgb

I pray dear child when you lay to rest at night your heart is filled with love. 

I pray you rise with joy and delight, as you walk into the magic of a new day. 

I pray you are never sent to your dreams at night with tears strolling down your face. 

I pray you always have courage to say aloud what is on your mind.

And I pray you have Guardians whose love for you is pure and divine. 

I pray you are not controlled or moulded or shaped into what you are not. 

And I pray any harshness inflicted on you will one day be forgotten. Not so you don’t remember or so that you forget but so any wrong doings don’t serve as life long scars, that Guardians neglect to recall, the impact mistreatment can have on your inner depths.

I pray you dream sweetly and enjoy a childhood full of joy. 

I pray you are brave enough to roam this Earth freely, for no more will man be granted permission to destroy.

And so it is.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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