Freedom And Reflection

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Reflection: Taking the time and opportunity to reflect on your life; in any given moment taking the time to assess your actions/inaction, your thought processes, your conditioning, honouring and acknowledging your flaws.

Reflection: An opportunity to marvel at the world around you even in the midst of chaos.

Reflection: An opportunity to bring awareness to all that you are greatful for, shine a light on what no longer serves you and put your efforts into nurturing your peace. 

Freedom: Walking a path you have chosen for yourself, walking proudly in your greatness, roaming this earth freely.

Freedom: Creating heaven from within whilst manifesting an external heaven, manifesting, participating and enjoying your heavenly life, right now.

Right now, present day, what lessons are you being asked to learn?

How are you finding B A L A N C E? 

I pray you are brave enough each day, to do one thing that scares you and anything or anyone who hurts your heart, you are strong enough and courageous enough to remove, from your table. 

I pray that once you know how deserving you are, you settle for nothing less than wonderful, accepting that life is magical if you step out of your own way and believe.

Never let a lover mistreat you, not even a little bit because that little bit, plants dangerous seeds too, that for a long time you may not realise you fight. Always be brave and know that walking away is also a means of winning, an important way of doing what is right for Self.

Freedom means being free to walk through this life boldly by yourself, for yourself and as yourself. Release the habit of using others to get your way or leaning on others to fill your voids. Make peace with your healing, make peace with your holes, trust that by yourself, you are whole. 

Take time to reflect on your position in the world, your actions and your soul purpose.

Take time to reflect on your day to day actions and acknowledge the value or lack thereof, brought into your life based on your conduct.

What do you love? 

Are you doing it?

If not, why not?

How do you thrive? 

Are you thriving?

If not, what would it take for you to commit to Self in order to thrive? 

Do you value love and it’s sacredness?

Or do you hate yourself and continue to live with it? Drowning each day with substance abuse, mistreating your own temple, no Self Love known for you were never shown the purpose of its use.

Freedom && Reflection

Taking the opportunity at any moment to come back to yourself, your true Self. 

Being brave enough to unlearn all that is incorrect, that you know and follow. 

An opportunity at any point during, any day to turn off auto pilot and plug out, to tune in and ease yourself of all doubt, to climb higher heights than you have ever imagined. Tune out from the unnatural man’s fear programming and take back your life. In any given moment, take a deep breath and acknowledge you are alive, ride your high without substance, you are a god. 

Be open to the flow of life and walk freely, taking time to reflect on the magnificence of who you truly are.

Sending light and love, ALWAYS x

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“To Love Thyself Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure.” LD Lore

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