Moving on. Moving In. Moving Away.

Just get up, pick up your things and go.

See, most would advise you work on things yet how many times must you repeat cycles and learn the same lessons in a different way before you choose YOU.

How many times are you willing to allow shadows of others to surface before you move on?

Be brave and be vocal.

Take the time you need to articulate and sit with your feelings and have courage in expressing your truth.

Do not be afraid to travel to the depths of this world and your internal world.

You are controlled by no one, No Man and the universe is on your side no matter even though it seems otherwise sometimes.

To Move On, you must surrender.

To Move In, learn to value and nurture inner peace.

To Move Way, let go of what you know, let go of what you cling to so tightly and leap into the unknown.

With this full Moon ask yourself:

What are you willing?

What are you holding onto that you won’t let go of?

How can you set yourself free, just by being?


Release all that no longer serves you.


Ground. Hear yourself. Feel yourself. Become Yourself. Trust Yourself. Know Yourself. Learn to flow with your life.


You do not have to stay anywhere. You are not a tree. Never underestimate the importance of changing your environment for your growth.

Moving On. Moving In. Moving Away.

“Be brave in your pursuit of happiness but braver in your pursuit of peace.” LD Lore

Sending light and love, A L W A Y S x

“To love thyself would be an awfully big adventure.” LD Lore

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